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IPC (9/13/17)

The following discussion and action took place at the September 13, 2017 meeting of the Instructional Planning Council:

Vice President for Instruction, Jack S. Kahn, Ph.D. called the meeting to order at 2:36 p.m.

  • Announcements
    • Accreditation Steering Committee – IPC Representative Needed – There were no volunteers to serve on the Accreditation Steering Committee.  We will continue to bring this item back at future meetings.
  • Comments from Constituencies – José Briceño asked if the PRP form would be revised again this year. VP Kahn informed the Council of a meeting scheduled for tomorrow that will address revision of the PRP form as well as to access of the data.
  • Approve minutes – August 23, 2017 – MSC – (DeSimone/Lee): The minutes for August 23, 2017 were approved and accepted with corrections, and abstentions from Kathy Kailikole, Zeb Navarro, Seth San Juan and Susan Snow.  (Corrections suggested by Bealo – Section 12 – Change Michael Bealo to Mark Bealo; Addition of a note on the marketing comment ($350K) into the minutes).
  • Integration Draft for Review – Olga Diaz, Director of Student Success and Equity informed the Council that the Chancellor’s Office is requiring all Colleges to integrate plans for SSSP, NCSSSP, Student Equity, and BSI into a single plan. The legislative focus for each of the programs has not changed. IPC will be provided a draft of the integrated plan and will be able to critique and approve the Plan and drafts.  The projected timeline for the plan is as follows:
    • September/October – Shared Governance 1st and 2nd readings by each Council
    • November – Governing Board approval
    • December 15th – Plan due to the Chancellor’s Office
  • Strong Workforce & Perkins Membership Update (IV.A.3) – VP Kahn reported that Susan Garland and Dean Fritch are coming up with a timeline for how we allocate and spend Strong Workforce funds. VP Kahn is advocating for that group to be a subcommittee of IPC due to the fact that the Perkins funding is a subset of instructional planning. He asked the Council for their thoughts of adding them to a subcommittee reporting to IPC.
  • PRP feedback process (I.B.5) (I.B.9) (II.A.16)
    • Timeline (Attachment B) – The Council reviewed the proposed timeline for PRPs. The Council agreed that PRPs should be reviewed by deans prior to being forwarded to IPC groups for peer review and proposed changes to the current timeline.
    • Suggestion for choosing next 30 – The next 30 departments due for a comprehensive review have already been chosen. Those departments will be notified by the deans after VP Kahn sends them a list of those departments.
    • Define “Re-do” – There was consensus among the Council to define a “Re-do” of the PRP as completing a new comprehensive program review this year based on new data, as opposed to revising the comprehensive form based on the data from last year in addition to the review required this year.
      • Re-do last year
        • -more work
        • +stay on cycle
      • Do another Comprehensive this year
        • -less work
        • +more value as more up to date
        • -off cycle
    • VPI Feedback – Audience – There was consensus among the Council that the VPI should include department chairs in the feedback sent to IPC groups that reviewed the PRPs.
    • Past year feedback resolution – VP Kahn proposed to the Council that his recommendation regarding departments directed to re-do a PRP be supported by the Council and not be sent back to the Council for further review, for this year. All were in favor, with an abstention by Marlene Forney.
    • Current year feedback process – There was consensus among the Council that if there is a disagreement between the reviewing groups and the VPI, a meeting of the VPI and IPC review group would take place to review the concerns.
      • Group and VPI
      • Who reads Re-do
      • Action on Re-do – What do we do if we disagree?
    • Establish new groups (PRP Review)
    • VPI PRP Rubric (Attachment C)
    • IPC Google Shared Drive – VP Kahn will communicate via email regarding establishment of the new groups.

Full meeting minutes, once approved, can be found at the Instructional Planning Council website:

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