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IPC (8/23/17)

The following discussion and action took place at the August 23, 2017 meeting of the Instructional Planning Council:

Vice President for Instruction, Jack S. Kahn, Ph.D. called the meeting to order at 2:36 p.m.

  • Welcome and Introductions – VP Kahn welcomed IPC to the fall 2017 semester and introductions were made.  Nichol Roe, Associate Dean of Workforce and Extended Education reported that the programs in her area include: Occupational and Non-Credit, Apprenticeship (credit and non-credit) and Not-for-Credit (i.e.: Venture).  Suzanne Sebring, Director of Occupational & Non Credit reported that she has been working with the Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG), faculty and department chairs of Math, English, Reading and ESL to implement pre/post testing.  She will be attending The New World of Noncredit with Melinda Carrillo, Shauna Moriarty, Wendy Nelson, Nichol Roe and Shayla Sivert on October 6 – 7, 2017 at Four Points by Sheraton in San Diego.
  • Comments from Constituencies – VP Kahn reinforced that we need to ensure that information is being disseminated out to our constituent groups from our Council meetings and feedback is brought back to the Council meetings.
  • Approve minutes – May 10, 2017  MSC – (Barton/Snow): The minutes for May 10, 2017 were approved and accepted into the record with abstentions from Mark Bealo, Sarah DeSimone, Nichol Roe and Suzanne Sebring.
  • IPC Roles & Responsibilities – Governance Structure & Membership – VP Kahn reviewed the roles and responsibilities of IPC include the following:
    • Program review and Planning (Fall)
    • Resource Allocation (Spring)
    • Prioritize faculty hiring (Spring)
  • New Structures – CSIT & MNHS – VP Kahn reported that there was a temporary move of Computer Science (CSIT) to Math and the Natural and Health Sciences (MNHS) and it has become a permanent move.
  • Strong Workforce & Perkins Membership – Susan Garland reported that there is Perkins Planning and Advisory committee in place. They are looking into combining this committee and the Strong Workforce committee into one and possibly inviting others from Facilities, Fiscal Services, IRP, IS and Student Services to join.
  • Accreditation – VP Kahn reported that our Accreditation department has challenges retrieving data from various Councils at year end. A recommendation was made at a recent retreat to site Accreditation information as we are going throughout the year on agendas/minutes.  Marti Snyder will be meeting with the recorders of the Councils in September to begin this process.
  • Board Policies and Administrative Procedures – Chapter 4: Instructional Services – VP Kahn reported Instruction will be reviewing their BP/APs this year Instruction’s year to go through BP/AP’s. We will be vetting them through the system to be completed by August 2018.  (I.B.7) (IV.A.3)
  • IPC PRP Forms – VP Kahn reported that we had 29 areas complete a comprehensive review for FY 2016-17. We will need to identify who will be completing the comprehensive PRPs for FY 2017-18.  (I.B.5) (I.B.9)
  • Certificates Workgroup – Gainful Employment (Loucks & group) – Richard Loucks reported we are federally required to keep our Gainful Employment website up to date: VP Kahn proposed that we create a Workgroup to include Richard, IRP and others to audit all of our certificates and bring proposals forward to IPC.  Glyn Bongolan and Michael Bealo offered to join the Workgroup.  (I.A.3)
  • Standing Reports
    • Accreditation – Michelle Barton reported that ASC will be meeting on Friday, August 25, 2017 and they are working on the sub-change for the North and South centers.

Full meeting minutes, once approved, can be found at the Student Services Planning Council website:

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