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SSEC (3/24/17)

The following action and discussion took place at the March 24, 2017 meeting of the Student Success & Equity Council:


  • Conference OpportunitiesThose interested in attending any of the conferences can contact Olga at x3624.
  • Workgroups Report Out

    • Retention – Cindy Anfinson reported that their group has split into three subgroups:
    • ESL/Basic Skills Completion – led by Larry Lawson, working on:
      • Embedded tutoring workshops to be launched in fall of 2017
        • Information on funding for embedded tutors
        • 4 PD workshops in the fall of 2017 – this group will be meeting with Kelly Falcone at the next SSEC Workgroup meeting on April 28, 2017 to discuss implementation
        • Tutoring committee has a sub-group on embedded tutoring around STEM, led by Mireya Gutierrez-Aguero. This sub-group will be meeting to collaborate with them in April 2017
      • FYE and other high touch programs – led by Rosalinda Tovar, working on:
        • Restructure FYE orientation starting in fall of 2017
        • Integrating FYE with EAP, Week of Welcome, and other on-boarding activities
        • Create campus “traditions”
        • Considering an Open House event where parents will be invited
      • 6 factors of student success campaign – led by Nancy Moreno, working on:
        • Creating sample syllabi for faculty
        • PD workshop
        • Implementing the 6 factors into courses
        • Focus group for students
        • Create banners for the San Marcos, Escondido, North and South centers
        • Create videos and integrate them into other parts of the college/websites
        • Student Pathways – Rachel Miller reported that they reviewed an application around guided pathways and used it as a framework to create a readiness assessment. They used the readiness assessment to create questions/surveys to find out if members on campus are ready for guided pathways.  They also built a visualization of the timeline, based on the STEM pathway and would like to implement it by the fall of 2019.  Kathy Kailikole wrote a grant for STEM pathways and we received funding for a 3 million dollars block grant from the Chancellor’s Office in March 2017 for STEM pathways.
        • Access & Outreach – Pete Ordille reported that the following objectives were reached:
          • Creating a mission/value statement for the Veterans Outreach
          • Creating pathways for direct employment
            • Graduation at Camp Pendleton for EME students
          • Ensuring our Veterans have marketable skills
          • Legislation has been established that recognizes military training as college credit for     EME 100 – Combat Lifesavers course (required in the military).
          • Pair students up with mentors in the community
          • Fast-track them into jobs/careers
          • Counsel them regarding available benefits
          • Public safety marketing video has been created – it will be previewed on April 7, 2017
  • Integrate Updates (BSI/SE/SSSP/NCSSSP)Olga reported that the Chancellor’s office has initiated plan integration activities to combine the four categorical programs to include Basic Skills/Student Equity/SSSP and Non-Credit SSSP. The restrictions on all funding allocations are limited to: gifts, stipends, political contributions, courses that generate FTE and supplanting.  We will be creating our own guidelines for what is reasonable and justifiable for all four programs and will consistently apply those guidelines.


  • VP Sourbeer reported on the IEPI visit which took place on March 17, 2017. The visiting team gave us a lot of positive and complimentary feedback.  They will make recommendations at their next visit in April 2017 and will return again in fall of 2018.   They focused on the following items:                                          
    • Enrollment Management – Current processes and suggestions for improvement
    • Human Resources – Hiring process, hiring committees, time management, etc.
    • Communications – Shared governance and communications reaching all constituent groups
  • VP Sourbeer reported that the interviews for the VPI position are taking place today.
  • VP Sourbeer reported that the VP of HR committee failed the search. We will be bringing in a consultant and will go out again for hire.

Full meeting minutes, once approved, can be found at the Student Success and Equity Council website:

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