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SSPC (3/8/17)

The following discussion took place at the March 8, 2017 meeting of the Student Services Planning Council:


  • Review 2016-17 PRP’s
  • Police Department – Chief DiMaggio reviewed this PRP.
  • Pride Center – Abbie Cory reviewed this PRP.
  • Student Affairs – Sherry Titus reviewed this PRP.
  • Student Health Centers – Judy Harris reviewed this PRP.
  • SPPF Requests – We received a total of five SPPF requests.  One was received after the deadline (Michelle Vogel Trautt – Peer Health Educator Program for $20,000.00).  This SPPF request did not move forward, as the deadline was not met. The SPPF requests below that receive a consensus from the Council to move forward, will go to Executive Cabinet for further review and then to SPC for a broader discussion.  SPPF requests will then be supported based upon ranking and the availability of funding. It was suggested that we create a workshop on submitting SPPF requests as some had difficulty meeting the requirements for submission.
    • Melinda Carrillo – Reading Services In-reach Program ($2,800.00) – VP Gonzales reviewed this SPPF request. It generally met the criteria and will be moved forward for further discussion.
    • Patricia Rodriguez – FYRST Textbook Assistance ($16,000.00) – VP Gonzales reviewed this SPPF. This SPPF request will not be sent forward, as it did not meet the Strategic Plan objectives.  It needed to be more fully developed and should have included collaboration with others on campus.
    • Veronica Aguilera/Calvin Onedeer Gavin – FYRST San Pasqual Dual Enrollment/Counseling Section ($9,600.00) – VP Gonzales reviewed this SPPF request. This SPPF request will not be send forward.  SPPF requests do support course development, but not course scheduling.  This request should have included collaboration with others on campus.  We will look into other funding sources to support this request.
    • Veronica Aguilera/Calvin Onedeer Gavin – Technology Updates – EOPS, CARE, CalWORKs, FYRST ($7,598.00) – VP Gonzales reviewed this SPPF request. We will get more clarity around the equipment and software requests and move it forward for further discussion.

Full meeting minutes, once approved, can be found at the Student Services Planning Council website:

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