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SSEC (2/24/17)

The following action and discussion took place at the February 24, 2017 meeting of the Student Success & Equity Council:


  • UMOJA “Starting with your Why” – Adjunct Faculty Winter Retreat Report Out-Kyle Owens, January 5-6, 2017 at the Paradise Point. Resort, San Diego – Kyle Owens reported that six adjunct instructors attended this two-day conference.  UMOJA has been in the process of being implemented throughout the state of California over the past two years.  Coordinators from the community colleges that have already implemented UMOJA were in attendance.  The program has taken on a holistic approach to include spiritual, personal, academic and career goals around African and African American scholars.  The focus is geared towards retention, persistence and increasing graduation rates (similar to the Puente program).  Students and coordinators have developed “Porch Talk” seminars, which invites different community members to discuss overcoming challenges, increasing inclusion, encouraging student retention and developing alliances on campus.  Our UMOJA program is geared towards being implemented by the fall of 2018.
  • Conference Opportunies:
    • HACU – October 28-30, 2017 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront – VP Gonzales reported that we will be sending faculty/staff members and students to this conference. All who attend will be required to drive back and forth each day, since it is located in San Diego.  Students who apply for a scholarship will be required to have at least one semester of college completed in order to apply.  May 31, 2017 is the early bird deadline.
  • Palomar College Promise Update – VP Gonzales reported that the Palomar Promise Launch was held on February 22, 2017 in the Brubeck Theater. There were over 150 Gear-Up students in attendance as well as Governing Board members, campus community members, city officials, Palomar College Foundation supporters and numerous community members.  The College received a $1 million dollar donation from Follett Corporation and $500,000.00 from the Palomar College Foundation.  Additionally, the College has created a website to support the Palomar Promise:  The Palomar Promise includes the following benefits for one year:
    • Free tuition ($46.00 per unit)
    • $1,000.00 towards books ($500.00 per semester)
    • Health fees paid ($19.00 per semester)
    • Parking fees paid ($40.00 per semester)
  • SE/SSSP/BSI Discussion – VP Gonzales reported that we have received notice from the Chancellor’s Office that the Student Equity plan, the Student Success and Support Program plan and the Basic Skills plan will all be combined. Olga reported that it will be on a 2-year cycle with overlapping years.  The chairs of SSEC and the BSI committee will be meeting in the coming weeks to discuss how to integrate these plans.  The new plan deadline is December 2017.
  • Funding Request Update – VP Gonzales gave an overview of the funds currently committed to SE and SSSP. Our current funding requests are exceeding our allocation.  There was brief discussion on continuing to fund the current requests and not accepting more at this time.
  • Workgroups Meet – The Workgroups were dismissed to meet for the last part of the meeting.

OTHER BUSINESS                                                                                            

  • VP Gonzales announced that the Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education (APAHE) will be holding a conference on April 6 -7, 2017 at the Oakland Marriott City Center:  Student Equity funds will be used to send two to three faculty members to this conference.
  • Olga reported that the rescheduled trip to the Museum of Tolerance took place on February 17, 2017. This Student Equity event was a huge success.
  • Olga reported that the North Inland Live Well Center (County Facility/Social Services building) has a 10,000 square foot Veteran’s Center. Palomar College now has a space there with our own cubicle, two classrooms, break room, etc.  All of these resources are offered at no cost to us and they support outreach to our Veterans DI group as listed in our SE plan.
  • VP Gonzales reported that the College has created a new website to support any AB 540/Immigrant Resources:  The purpose of this website is to provide AB 540 and immigrant resources/facts to students, faculty and staff.  It will also serve as a central location for information around these topics.
  • VP Gonzales also reported that the College created another website to support Title IX and Campus SaVE Act:  This website will also serve as a centralized location for information related to this topic

Full meeting minutes, once approved, can be found at the Student Success and Equity Council website:

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