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SSEC (10/14/16)


  • Review Fall 2016 Funding Requests – The following Student Equity Funding Requests were reviewed and ranked by each SSEC member.  There was consensus among the Council to fund all of the requests presented.
    • ESL Recognition Events – Lee Chen
      • Description: Recognition events of ESL student progress.
      • Target Population: ESL & Basic Skills Completion for Hispanics, Males, Students w/Disabilities.
      • Goals: Increase engagement among ESL & Basic Skills students. Increase participation in student support activities (tutoring, campus services).
    • Spanish Translation of Campus Documents – Dean Jack Kahn
      • Description: Translate campus services materials into Spanish.
      • Target Population: ESL & Basic Skills student populations.
      • Goals: Increase retention and success of Spanish-dominant ESL students in various programs. Increase student and family accessibility to student support service information.
    • Service Learning – Dr. Laurel Anderson
      • Description: Provide active, service-focused community based learning for students.
      • Target Population: Veterans, Foster Youth, African American, Latino, Ages 25-29, Students w/Disabilities
      • Goals: Provide extensive outreach and support for DI students participating in SL.  Increase student retention and engagement.
    • Library, Dashboard Lessons – Marlene Forney/April Cunningham
      • Description: Update and maintain Dashboard Lesson content and provide 24-hour access to information literacy lessons.
      • Target Population: DI students pursuing degrees/certificates or transfer.
      • Goals: Increase use of self-paced online dashboard lessons focused on information literacy among DI students. Establish interface with PeopleSoft and track impact of usage.
    • Library, Student Performances – Marlene Forney
      • Description: In-reach initiative featuring library/theater/student performances about facing adversity w/Black History Month theme.
      • Target Population: All students visiting library with focus on sharing information library services to DI students.
      • Goals: Highlight available library support services for DI students.
    • Athletics, Tutoring – Steve White
      • Description: Provide need-specific tutoring support to athletes.
      • Target Population: DI student athletes including African American and Students w/Disabilities.
      • Goals: Increase degree completion of African American and Students w/Disabilities who are also athletes.
    • Veteran’s Outreach Specialist – Pete Ordille
      • Description: Hire outreach specialist to work with military transition team to reach active duty personnel leaving service and entering public safety education                                 programs at Palomar.
      • Target Population: Veterans
      • Goals: Increase access and number of veterans seeking public safety training/certification at Palomar.
    • STAR Tutoring – Ruth Barnaba
      • Description: Provide direct outreach to DI students about tutoring support services. Provide tutoring to DI students.
      • Target Population: All DI populations
      • Goals: Increase course completion, degree/certification completion, transfer for DI students through academic support/tutoring services.
  • Workgroups Report Out
    • Access and Outreach: Dean Jack Kahn reported that they are still in the beginning stages.  They are working on creating a Mission and Value statement for our Veteran students and providing information out to our active duty military students.
    • Retention: Martha Martinez reported they have implemented a student survey to find out why students have stopped attending college.
    • Student Pathways: Travis Ritt reported that they have reached out to departments to get feedback from them before moving forward.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:59 a.m.

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