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Chairs & Directors (10/14/16)

The following discussion took place at the October 14, 2016 Chairs & Directors Meeting:

  • Interim VP Sourbeer indicated to the group that the Tenure Evaluation and Review Board (TERB) office is in need of administrative assistance and asked that if anyone had staff from their area that had time to assist to please contact Lesley Williams. Further, he reported that student evaluation forms are now linked to individual instructions and classes. He asked that chairs carefully review Lesley’s recent emails and directions related to student evaluations.
  • Director of Fiscal Services, Carmen Coniglio gave a presentation on the new payment plan options that are being rolled out for spring enrollment. Suzanne Sebring will forward a copy of the PowerPoint to the group.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer gave an overview of the accreditation recommendation responses and informed the group that the accreditation follow-up visit will take place on October 24th.
  • Dean Shayla Sivert reported that the new process and documents related to part-time faculty recruiting are ready to be rolled out. In addition she, along with Justin Smiley and Christine Winterle, is working on updated onboarding procedures to go along with this process.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer outlined the structure of the newly revised Program Review and Planning process, which has been approved for implementation by Instructional Planning Council (IPC) and is now being vetted through this committee along with Faculty Senate. The new format has one third of the programs going through an in-depth Y1 process at a time, followed by a shorter Y2 and Y3 follow up. He asked for volunteers to go through the Y1 process in 2016-17. Volunteers included Jenny Fererro, Lacey Craft, Jackie Martin, Jay Schultz, and Melinda Carrillo. If anyone else would like to volunteer, please contact Suzanne Sebring. Other programs will use the old Y2 form this year.
  • Dean Jack Kahn showed the group the new Academic Spotlight on the Palomar website and asked that individual subscribe and encourage business/community partners to also subscribe. He also reviewed the new “Comet Suggestion Network” feature on the homepage of the website. This is located in the bottom right corner of the home page and has been designed in response to a request from staff during the last Classified Speaks event. Questions/suggestions will be reviewed by the President’s Office and forwarded to the appropriate area for response.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer indicated that the college is looking into Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Z-degrees (degrees requiring no textbooks). More information will be forthcoming.
  • Finally, various announcements were made including:
    1. Fast Track II is starting on Monday, October 17th.
    2. The Vice President, Human Resources recruitment has closed and the 1st level interviews will take place on October 28th.
    3. The Vice President, Instruction and the Dean, Math & Natural & Health Sciences should be posted soon.
    4. State-funded EOPS is closed for fall applications. Spring applications will be accepted beginning on November 1st.
    5. Federally-funded Trio/SSS recruitment is ongoing.
    6. The state does not have the Common Assessment tool ready. The college will be using multiple measures once Compass is no longer available.
    7. The Deans will be sponsoring a Happy Hour Toy/Food Drive on December 8th. More information to come.

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