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SSEC (9/9/16)


  • SSEC Governance Structure Membership Change -Adding a Student Equity Counselor and removing one Counseling Faculty:
    • Patrick O’Brien reviewed the action to add a Student Equity Counselor and remove a Counseling Faculty member from the SSEC membership.  There are currently two Counseling Faculty   members on the SSEC.  Members were encouraged to take this information back to their constituent groups and bring feedback to the next meeting on September 23, 2016.


  • Council Reading Update: Redesigning America’s Community Colleges – A Clearer Path to Student Success
    • Michelle Barton led the discussion on the first two chapters of the book.  The following were noted:
  1. All members of the campus community need to be involved in guided pathways
  2. The current culture, structure, way of thinking may need to shift to focus more on student success
  3. A la carte (Cafeteria style) does not work well
  4. The model that worked decades ago may not work for today’s students
  5. Focus more on students’ career goals.
  6. Integrate technology to track student progress
  7. How do we integrate the above with Palomar College?
  8. Begin to restructure our college culture by addressing our internal obstacles
  9. Provide guidance to students from orientation to goal completion
  10. Student Services and Instruction working in collaboration
  11. Each department creating student pathways
  12. Work backwards – start at the students’ career goals and then determine academic goals to match
  • Funding Request Workshops
    • Olga Diaz reported that the funding workshops were held on September 7 and 8, 2016.  The funding application period is September 12 – 30, 2016.  The SSEC will review the fall 2016 applications on October 14, 2016 for spring 2017 implementation.
  • Pathways Discussion
    • Olga Diaz presented a spreadsheet with academic plan codes, CIP codes and descriptions.  She asked the members to assign a pathway to a few of them.  Of our 944 majors in PeopleSoft, a student pathway should be assigned to each one.  There was discussion on the following:
  1. Creating a broad pathway for each division, moving into each department (i.e.: Social and Behavioral Sciences > Psychology)
  2. How do the divisions and departments see themselves fitting in a pathway?
  3. Including each department in this conversation and then bring it back to the SSEC for discussion/implementation
  4. Creating a rubric for each department with a pathway model
  5. Matching each of our majors with a clear career pathway
  6. The 15 CTE Industry Sectors in California were discussed:
  7. Transitioning from this Council to a college wide conversation
  8. Tap into pathways that our feeder schools and universities may have already developed
  9. Attaching pathways to a student’s major
  • Workgroups Met:
  1. Access & Outreach – Jack Kahn is the Chair of this workgroup. They are working on access, outreach and defining pathways to assist our Veteran students in completing their academic goals.  They are also working on creating a Mission statement and holding instructional events on base at Camp Pendleton.
  2. Retention – Nancy Moreno is the Chair and Cindy Anfinson is the Co-Chair of this workgroup. They are focusing on reaching out to students who have stopped attending college, developing a survey to better understand how we can assist them.  They are researching ways other colleges have been successful retaining students up to the 30 unit mark in order to develop a coordinated process of retention for Palomar College.  They are also working on developing better communication with students across the board.  In the future, Week of Welcome (WOW) will be coordinated by another department.
  3. Student Pathways – Glyn Bongolan is the Chair and Dr. Travis Ritt is the Co-Chair of this workgroup. They are working on including the campus community in this discussion by scheduling small groups and/or all campus meetings.

2 comments on “SSEC (9/9/16)

  1. Rick Gommel on

    There are roughly 1/3 of the 944 majors that are actually selectable by current students. Most listed majors are either inactive (not a valid choice) or are for degrees we don’t actually offer (the ‘.T’ majors). Is a pathway really necessary for those?

  2. Michelle LaVigueur on

    Thank you for your comment Rick. Although .T majors are no longer “selectable” in the new student application, many current students remain enrolled under a .T major code. The student major code will be central to the content of all correspondence about pathways at Palomar College. For this reason, we do need to map all active major codes to a corresponding pathway until all .T majors are phased out.

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