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HRSPC (12/1/15)

Human Resource Services Planning Council

The following discussion took place at the December 1st, 2015 meeting of the Human Resources Services Planning Council:


  • Minutes from the November 3rd, 2015 meeting were approved with two abstentions.
  • Staffing Master Plan: Human Resource Analyst, Shawna Cohen, gave a PowerPoint presentation, Staffing Master Plan 2016-22: An Outline.

After the presentation, members discussed ways to improve the strategic staffing process.

  • EEO Plan: Human Resource Analyst, Shawna Cohen, reported the Chancellor’s Office is considering some changes that will affect the Palomar College EEO Plan.  New guidelines are expected within the 2015-16 fiscal year.


  • SPC: Interim Vice President, Mike Popielski, reported on the request made by Vice President Perez to add the Director of Enrollment Services to the Budget Committee.
  • TEAM LIFE: Suzanne Sebring reported on the various activities offered to all faculty and staff including Jazzercise classes, circuit training, Yoga, softball, a 5K run, cycling, and PD workshops on healthy eating and stress reduction.  She also reminded everyone that the Palomar College Fitness Center only charges employees $10/month to use the facility.

Additional information can be found at the Human Resource Services Planning Council Website: