BSI (09/17/15)

Committee/Council Name: BASIC SKILLS COMMITTEE

Meeting Date: 9/17/2015

The following action and discussion took place at the September 17, 2015 meeting of the Basic Skills Committee:


  • MS: Approval of August 2015 Minutes. The motion carried.
  • Shayla Sivert brought back the Basic Skills Action Plan to the committee.  Discussion on the 5 goals of the Plan, on the questions regarding the data reporting method requested by the Chancellor’s Office and how other colleges also reported issues with it, the definition of Basic Skills courses as put forth by the Chancellor’s Office.  MS: approval of the Basic Skills Action Plan.


  • Update on first-year seminars.
  • Report on Learning Communities for Fall 2015; had a 95.5% fill rate (237/248 seats).  Learning Communities filled early during the enrollment period and have stayed full.  For Spring 2016 there are currently seven LC links, possibly an 8th with Child Development and ESL to be offered in the Escondido Center.
  • Report on Village Mentoring: 26 students applied, 20 mentees currently matched with mentors.
  • Report on Summer Bridge 2015.  Working on finalizing rooms.  Dates: Math Jam: June 20 – July 7, ESL Jam: July 11 – Aug. 4.
  • Report on First-Year Experience 2015.  Currently 199 active students.
  • Report on TLC San Marcos and Escondido.  San Marcos TLC has had 942 unique visitors so far with a total of 3,439 visits.

Link to full meeting minutes: