IPC (10/14/15)

Instructional Planning Council

The following discussion took place at the October 14, 2015 meeting of the Instructional Planning Council:


  • PRP forms, process and timeline were discussed and approved. Complete PRP forms will be due to Deans by November 19th and to the VPI prior to the semester break.
  • Discussion regarding the need for a workgroup to evaluate/edit PRP forms/process for 2016-19 – Wendy Nelson and Michael Mufson volunteered to be part of this workgroup at the last meeting. Mark Bealo and Michelle Barton will also join this group. Interim VP Sourbeer will poll department chairs to see if anyone else is interested in participating.
  • Discussion regarding Enrollment and breakout session into small groups to complete SWOT analysis to assist in determining possible strategies to increase enrollment/retention
  • Interim VP Sourbeer reported that Nursing and Fire Academy accreditation reaffirmations are in progress.
  • Michelle Barton reported that SPC is planning to use 75% of SPPF funds toward one or two large strategic goals and allocating 25% of SPPF funds toward smaller projects.
  • Mollie Smith updated the council on the Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG 104) and Career Pathways.

Additional information can be found at the Instructional Planning Council Website: