Digital Advertising Strategy Design, Implementation and Management

Type of Project:The District requires a partner firm to execute a digital marketing strategy to aid in increased awareness, engagement, and enrollment for the College. The firm will provide ongoing monitoring and optimization, as well as reporting. The firm shall provide expert consultation and feedback based on industry best practices that will help the College strengthen its digital presence among its target audiences. The firm shall also provide design for creative assets, to include the build out of individual ads within each platform, landing pages, monitoring key performance indicators, and adjusting campaign elements like bid strategies and keyword usage to improve performance and maximize budget. The firm shall report raw key performance indicator data at frequent intervals as necessitated by the particular campaign, as well as in-depth analytical reports on a monthly basis.
Project Documents:201-21 RFQ
Project Stage:Open
"Mandatory" Conference/ Walkthrough:None
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Closing Date:September 1, 2020, no later than 3:00 p.m.
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