T Building – New Storage Buildings Project

Type of Project:The project consists of the construction of one storage building and two fabrication buildings, rock removal, sitework and utilities, a new retaining wall and fire lane, infill of a wall opening in adjacent existing T Building, and fire alarm connection to existing T Building.
Project Documents:For all documents please visit the link below:


Bid Documents – 100-19
DSA Approved DWGS dated 10-18-2018
DSA Approved SPECS dated 10-18-2018
Addendum #1 – DSA Approved DWGS dated 06-13-2018
Addendum #1 – DSA Approved SPECS dated 06-13-2018
Addendum #2 – DSA Approved Narrative dated 08-27-2018
Addendum #2 – DSA Approved DWGS dated 08-27-2018
RF-1 – Staging Diagram for Reference
Geotechnical Clarification 6-25-2018
Geotechnical Review 8-23-2017
Ninyo & Moore – Geotechnical Evaluation 7-18-2014
Project Stage:Awarded
Bid Abstract
Prequalification RequiredContractors bidding on this scope must be prequalified by Palomar College
Prequalification Process
"Mandatory" Conference/ Walkthrough:A MANDATORY pre-bid conference shall be held on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at 11:00 AM in RS Building, Room RS-5 on the San Marcos Campus, 1140 West Mission Road, San Marcos, CA 92069. Attendance is MANDATORY.

Sheet
Addenda:Addenda #Issued OnTitleDocument
1-A10/12/2018Addendum #1-AAddendum

Supplemental Conditions



T Bldgs-RF-1rev

T Bldgs-RF-2

Geotech-Report 1-29-09

Subsurface Utility Report

T-Remodel E-sheets 2011
2-A10/22/2018Addendum #2-AAddm2-A_Bid 100-19_T-NewStorageBuilding_10.19.2018

Addm2-A Bid 100-19_T-NewStorageBuildings_Q-05_A10.81

Addm2-A_Bid 100-19_T-NewStorageBuildings_Q-03_G0-1

Addm2-A_Bid 100-19_T-NewStorageBuildings_Q-04_A10.31

Addm2-A_Bid 100-19_T-NewStorageBuildings_Q-05_A3.1

Addm2-A_Bid 100-19_T-NewStorageBuildings_Q-05_A10.11

Addm2-A_Bid 100-19_T-NewStorageBuildings_Q-07_26-05-33

Addm2-A_Bid 100-19_T-NewStorageBuildings_Q-10_22-07-19

Addm2-A_Bid 100-19_T-NewStorageBuildings_Q-11_RevPlumbDWGS

Addm2-A_Bid 100-19_T-NewStorageBuildings_Q-11-SubsurfaceUtilityReport
Closing Date:October 25, 2018, no later than 2:00 p.m.
Document Delivery Location:Contract Services
Room A-128, Administration Bldg.
1140 West Mission Road
San Marcos, CA 92069
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