Palomar College Learning For Success

Basic Skills Toolkit

The growing list of resources on this page can be beneficial for all students but might be particularly useful for current (or former) Basic Skills students in your classroom.

Resources to which Faculty can Refer Students:

Student Success Centers (Quick Links) (STEM, Tutoring, TLCs, Reading Center, Writing Center, etc.)

Student Success Programs (Quick Links) (CalWorks, EOPS, First Year Experience, STEM Scholars, Summer Bridge, Village Mentoring, etc.)


Computer Labs

Computer Skills and Information Literacy

Counseling Contacts

Disability Resource Center (DRC) Referrals

ESL Advisors

Financial Aid Contacts

Gene Jackson Emergency Loan Program

Learning Communities

LGBTQ Resource Center

Office 365 (free for Students)

Palomar College Food Bank

Palomar Foundation Textbook Assistance Program

Printing Resources for Students

Student Activity Cards

Workshop Calendar

Veterans Services

Resources for Faculty:

Office 365 (free for Faculty)

PD Workshops (under construction)

State Definition of Basic Skills

Textbook Readability Awareness (under construction)

Voices of Basic Skills Students (under construction)

Last modified on April 18, 2017