Welcome to the Online Edition of the Palomar College Bravura Literary Journal. As every year, the students of Palomar College offer a wide range of talent in both the literary and visual arts. We never have as much print space as we would like and many well liked pieces are not able to be included in the print edition. This internet version allows us room to include those pieces. This year we lost one of our editors and wish to offer the following dedication.


The editors of Bravura would like to dedicate this year's issue to our dear friend and colleage Bill Bailey. Bill has worked as an editor and contributor for Bravura since 2004. His sudden passing this year has hit every hard. We will remember--and miss--his sense of homor, kindness and creative energy.
Bill Bailey 1936 - 2008    
What I Want You to Know, Bill Bailey
You had the steady beat of a musician, the understanding of an author, the mind of a scientist and you were a man whose heart pounded for his family and his friends. You never lost your beat for others.
You comprehended physics as readily as you understood the structure of 16 bars of music, or the anatomy of a difficult equation. You were a father who loved his family without demand; a warm friend who never looked down on those of us who lacked your talents,
Then, at an age too young to be fair, your health was struck a blow that tore from you the gratification of success, the joy of accomplishment, and the satisfaction of contribution to society. But that only challenged you all the more, The endless work to recover your mastery over mathematics, two years of piano lessons, accompanied by an aching back and cramped fingers, hours of writing to compete for a successful place in the annual Bravura publication here at Palomar. You kept your determination, your confidence, your humor and belief in yourself
But more than all else Bill, it was the music in your soul that sweetened each day, syncopation that offered the unexpected, and rhythm that added lift to the end of your week. You never complained. You always held up in a way that drew my admiration. Look down at the glitter in the night’s sky, Bill. What you see are the tears that cannot be hidden. They mark our loss of you, my friend.
---Jack Mawhinney