Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I change my Display Name in Canvas?

The process for changing your display name in Canvas is a bit different for employees versus students:
  • For students, you’ll need to go into the MyPalomar system (where you enroll for classes) on the Student Center tab, under the Personal Information section, and set your “Preferred Name.” After your name is modified there, within three hours the new listing should appear listed in Canvas. Should you run into any problems using the MyPalomar system, you can get help from the Enrollment Services staff ( or 760-744-1150 X2164).
  • For employees, you’ll need to contact the Human Resources department, and if they approve the change they will input the change into the HR PeopleSoft system, where is will eventually synch up with the MyPalomar system, which in turn will push the name change into Canvas. Since there is a review process involved, there is no guaranteed turn-around time for employee name customization.

How do I request to have an announcement posted in Canvas?

You can request a new Canvas Announcement at

Once submitted, the request will go through an approval process that includes your supervisor, the VP of your division, and the Director of Communications. Let us in ATRC know if you have any trouble with the form.


Where can I find WordPress training materials and videos?

The Palomar College WordPress Central website has information about many WordPress training opportunities for employees.

How do I log in to WordPress?

The Palomar College WordPress Central site is the best place to log in to a Palomar College WordPress site. Once at the site, choose the appropriate system to log in to from the site menu.

Your login credentials for WordPress are the same ones you use to log in to the Microsoft system. If you have trouble with your password, Information Services can assist with resetting it.