Official Website Template Exemption Request

All departments, disciplines, and programs are expected to use the official Palomar College website template in WordPress.

We understand that some constraints may make it very difficult (or impossible) to incorporate the official WordPress theme for your website. The Website Revamp Task Force has created the following criteria to consider whether an exception may be made for a website:

  1. If you have a professional area with a very specific focus that relies on external criteria for maintaining the look and feel of your site. This may involve revenue generation, complex calendaring, scheduling & community involvement.
  2. If the site is for internal use only.
  3. If the site is hosted by a 3rd party that cannot be modified.
  4. If the site would require a large amount of custom programming to conform to WordPress.

If you believe your site meets these criteria please complete the form below. We would like the opportunity to discuss your concerns and see if it is at all possible to give you more control over modification of your site or include a minimal aspect of the theme for a consistent look and feel.

  • Where can your site be found online?
  • Please refer to the acceptable criteria list above.