Hearts for Anatomy and Physiology

A professor teaching Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology decided to find a way to aid students in visualizing the human heart. During the lecture covering this topic students are in break-out groups (since there was no way to manage 48+ sets of objects) to explore both interior and exterior points of significance on these heart models.

Two exterior-only heart models and one split heart model

Split heart models, detailing interior structures as well as external detail, are for examination during much of the topic, while strictly exterior models help the students put things in perspective.

Exterior view of heart model Interior view of heart model

As with most 3D printed projects, printing out the multiple models took quite some time, and storing the models until the project was complete was… challenging.

Heart model printing in progress Split heart model on Replicator printer Numerous heart models

And if you have any interest in what the Makerbot Replicator printer looks and sounds like while in action, take a look at this thirty-second video clip.

All three models used in this project are licensed under Creative Commons, and can be found on the Thingiverse website.