Classroom Lab Reservations

Faculty who wish to reserve time for in a classroom lab (LRC-208) should contact the lab at 760-744-1150 X2657 or come into the lab in person.  All classes should be reserved at least one week in advance, and the labs are available on a first-reserved first-served basis.

The classroom lab contains forty-two student workstations and an instructor workstation hooked to a data projector at the front of the room. The computers have all the typical programs from the main ATRC computer lab, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, and several web browsers.

Be sure your class needs to use the computers.  We will not reserve the lab for classes that do not need the computers as part of normal class work.

It is not unusual for classes to reserve time for more than a year in advance, so if you know when you will want to be in the lab, contact us as soon as possible.  Please remember that your class should not be considered reserved until you have received confirmation from one of the ATRC lab staff.