Cludo Search Resources

Palomar Searches are Changing

On April 30, the college will launch a new internal site search platform called “Cludo” that promises to enhance a user’s experience when they perform a search from within the Palomar website.

Only files (PDFs and Microsoft Office documents) originally uploaded after 2019 will be indexed. All files, however, will stay in place and no content will be removed unless you remove it. Please pass this information along to those who manage your website.

What is indexing? Indexing happens when a search engine crawls web pages and files (such as PDFs), then stores and organizes that data for retrieval in search results.

  1. What could this mean to you? Since PDFs are popular at Palomar, let’s look at the 2 ways we use them on the web: from the menu or from a WordPress page. (This information applies to all files.)
    1. Should be changed: A menu link to a PDF originally uploaded before 2019: the PDF won’t show in search results because it won’t be indexed.
    2. Might be okay: Since almost all Palomar webpages are indexed, if a link’s label text (the part the user sees) in a WordPress page contains the search term, the page will appear on search results.
      1. For example, a WordPress page containing a link with the label, “Appeals Request Form” that points to a pre-2019 PDF will show on a search containing the terms “appeals,” “request,” or “form.” The contents of the outdated PDF itself will not be indexed.
  2. What should you change to achieve successful search results?
      1. If your file links are set up as described in item 1.b., you’re probably okay, but you will want to review a Siteimprove report of outdated files. Please contact ATRC support to get started.
      2. If the outdated PDF is linked only from a menu item, please do one of the following:
        1. Link to the file from within a new or existing WordPress page, OR
        2. Convert the PDF into a live WordPress page, OR
        3. Upload a new version of the PDF (knowing that it will be indexed for only 2 years).
  3. Now is the time to remove outdated files (PDFs, Microsoft Office) from your WordPress site. The Siteimprove report contains detailed information about view- and click-counts, as well as which sites link to your files.
  4. If you’re unsure about deleting files, ATRC will assist by making a backup of your WordPress media folder before you go to town on removing old files. Get started with a support request.
  5. Lastly, stay tuned for an important update next week – recorded training on how to clean up your documents for this project!