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A Brief Introduction to Proctorio

Proctorio is an automated remote proctoring service integrated into Palomar’s Canvas learning management system. This enables faculty to require quizzes within Canvas be taken in a limited and/or monitored environment.

Sounds great! How do I start proctoring my Canvas quizzes?

There’s a couple of things you should be aware of: To set up proctoring on a quiz, you must be using the Chrome browser with a particular extension enabled. To get that extension, fire up Chrome on your computer and go to . Once you have the extension installed, go and Edit a quiz in your Canvas course.

With the extension installed, in addition to the typical tabs for “Details” and “Questions”, you’ll get a tab (though it may take a little while to appear) for “Proctorio Settings”.

tabs for Details, Questions, and Proctorio Settings

If you scroll down to the bottom of the Details tab, you should have a checkbox for “Enable Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor”. Just check that box, then go to the “Proctorio Settings” tab.

empty check box labeled Enable Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor

There are a number of sections within the “Proctorio Settings” tab, but for most of the controls there should be either an on-screen explanation or a “help” icon which appears when you hover your mouse over the control.

three buttons for Record Video, Record Audio, and Record Screen, with a blue help icon at the top right corner of the Record Video button

Most of those help icons will load up a YouTube video with a brief description of what the control does. At the end of each section are “Learn more about…” links to official Proctorio documentation too.

There are numerous aspects you can control using Proctorio, but be cautious with the limits you choose. For example, the “Record Room” option requires that a student move their web camera around to display the whole room they are in… which is great unless your webcam is built into the framework of your all-in-one computer.

Ultimately you’ll select the settings you want, and save your quiz. So let’s fast forward to when your students try to take the quiz: If students try to take the quiz in a browser other than Chrome, they’ll be told to go get Chrome. If they attempt the quiz in Chrome, students will be prompted to install that same extension as you did before they can proceed with the quiz. (At least if they don’t already have that extension installed.) If their computer doesn’t meet the Proctorio “Minimum System Requirements”, they may not be allowed to attempt the quiz from their computer at all.

After that the student experience will vary depending on exactly what options you selected on that “Proctorio Settings” tab. At some point you can set up profiles which will enable you to quickly set up various Proctorio configurations on different types of quizzes – low stakes or high stakes quizzes, full-blown exams, that sort of thing. You won’t always need to weed through all those various settings each time you want to secure a quiz.

Okay, still sounds great! I can set up proctoring on one of my quizzes, then try it out by switching over to the “Student View” in my course, right?

Nope. Proctorio does not allow proctoring of a quiz taken using the “Student View” in your course, so you do not have a way to experience your own proctoring limits with your own quizzes.

For that reason, I’ll be offering two in-person workshops on “Using Proctorio on Canvas Quizzes” on February 20 and February 21. In those workshops you will have an opportunity to take proctored quizzes, so you can better understand the impact of all those settings. (Ultimately this workshop can be offered in an online format for self-paced use, but let’s walk before we run with this whole online proctoring thing, shall we?) And, as always, if you’d like to schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss use of Proctorio, please open a ticket in the ATRC helpdesk and include several days and times that would work with your schedule.