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The World Languages Department offers the following German courses:

First semester

Germ 101  German I  (5 units)

Second semester

Germ 102  German II  (5 units)

Third semester

Germ 201  German III  (5 units)

Fourth semester

Germ 202  German IV  (5 units)


The German program

Clases de francés

Faculty and program coordinator:

Prof. Beatrice Manneh

  1. (760)744-1150 ext. 2398

Department Quick Links

Language Links for students studying German


        Fall 2016 Textbook For German 101:               Welten, 1st edition

        Fall 2016 Textbook For German 102 & 201:    Treffpunkt, 6th edition


German Vocabulary

        Leo Dictionary

        Vocabulix Vocabulary trainer

        Quia Lots of activities and interactive exercises

German Grammar

        Vocabulix Conjugation trainer

        Quia grammar in German Lots of activities

        German for Travellers Comprehensive

German Holidays and Customs

        German Culture Good for research or fun

German News and TV

        Der Spiegel



        Deutsche Welle

German Other

       German Cookbook

        Yahoo! Deutschland         

        fsweb german Many topics to choose from

Department Quick Links