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The World Languages Department offers a variety of French courses.  Students who have completed the requisite course may earn a Certificate or AA degree in French.  The following courses are offered in French:

First semester

Fren 101  French I  (5 units)

Second semester

Fren 102  French II  (5 units)

Third semester

Fren 201  French III  (5 units)

Fourth semester

Fren 202  French IV  (5 units)

Additional classes

Fren 140  Basic French Pronunciation  (1 unit)

Fren 215  Advanced French  (3 units)

A.A. DEGREE and CERTIFICATE Program in French


The French program

Clases de francés

Faculty and program coordinator:

Prof. Chantal Maher

  1. (760)744-1150  ext. 3325

Department Quick Links

Language Links for students studying French


        Chantal R. Maher   French Professor, Palomar College  

        Horizon, Third Edition   French Textbook

        French in Action   Streaming Video (52 -1/2 hour lessons)

French Dictionaries

        FRENCH Multiple dictionaries Easy to use, foreign language dictionaries Much more than just French/English/French!

French Vocabulary This site has a lot of vocabulary review Great visual online vocabulary site Matching, word-search puzzles, etc English-French quizzes. Good site. Easy to use Vocabulary training exercises Useful vocabulary and expressions

French Grammar

        Horizon, Third Edition   French Textbook

        French in Action   Streaming Video (52 - 1/2 hour lessons)

        Horizons, Second Edition Goes directly with the Horizons

        Thesaurus This is "sort of" like a French thesaurus

        French grammar French online grammar quiz. Very useful

French Pronunciation Good site Reference site for basic pronunciation

French Verb Conjugation Not sure how? Look here!



        French Idiomatic Expressions    Interesting link

        Idiomatic French Flashcards

French Other

        Yahoo! France This is the French version of Yahoo! Links to French culture, news, etc...

French culture

        Bonjour   For students and teachers of French and resources.  

        Casa de Joanna: French Activities   On-and off-line activities      


Department Quick Links