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Fall 2015 Class Schedule

Note: Not all classes are offered each semester. The Palomar School Schedule lists the current semester's classes and when available in the Spring 2015 School Schedule.

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Class List

Note: Not all classes are offered each semester.
The Schedule page lists the current semester's classes.

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CFT 100 Fundamentals of Woodworking
CFT 105 Machine Woodworking / Furniture
CFT 108 Business Woodworking
CFT 110/111 Machine Tool Joinery I & II
CFT 118 Furniture Design Development
CFT 120 Advanced Furniture Lab
CFT 122 Cabinetmaking Construction Lab
CFT 124 Chair & Table Construction Lab
CFT 128 Stringed Instrument Lab
CFT 130 Stringed Instrument Making
CFT 131 Stringed Instrument II
CFT 132 Ukulele Making/Introduction to Stringed Instruments
CFT 133 Guitar Set-Up And Repair
CFT 134 Electric Guitar Construction/Solid Body
CFT 135 Acoustic Guitar Making I
CFT 136 Acoustic Guitar Making II
CFT 137 Arch Top Guitar Construction
CFT 138 Arch Top Guitar Construction
CFT 141 Making Woodworking Tools
CFT 142 The Art & Craft of Planemaking
CFT 143 Decorative Box Making
CFT 144 Production Furniture Making - Toys
CFT 145 Advanced Manufacturing Production
CFT 149/150 Hand Joinery I & II
CFT 151/152 Veneering Technology I & II
CFT 153 Studio Furniture Design I
CFT 154 Studio Furniture Design II
CFT 155
CFT 156
Classic American Chair Designs
Advanced Classic American Chair Designs
CFT 157
CFT 158
Chair and Seating / Prototype Construction
Chair and Seating / Production Manufacturing
CFT 161
CFT 162
Table / Prototype Construction
Table / Production Manufacturing
CFT 163 Plastic Laminate Fabrication
CFT 165
CFT 166
CFT 167
Cabinetmaking / Face Frame Construction
Cabinetmaking / Production & Manufacturing
Cabinetmaking / 32mm European Construction
CFT 168 Cabinetmaking / Architectural
CFT 169 Cabinetmaking / Computer Cabinet
CFT 170 Workbench Design & Production work bench projects
CFT 171 Furniture For The Wood Shop
CFT 172 Turbocad/Cabinets/Furniture
CFT 173 Bamboo Fly Rod Building
CFT 175 Jigs and Fixtures - Detailed notes about the project together with photos can be viewed on a 17-page PDF document (371KB).
CFT 176 Introduction ot the Lathe - Woodturning
CFT 177 Lathe II - Intermediate Turning
CFT 178 Lathe III - Advanced Turning
CFT 180 Wood Bending and Lamination
CFT 182 Timber Framing Technology
CFT 185 Machine Tool Set-
CFT 186 Machine Tool / Production Carvng
CFT 187
CFT 188
CFT 189
Introduction to Carving
Intermediate Carving
Advanced Carving
CFT 190 Specialty/Manufactured
CFT 195 Finishing Technology / Touch-up Repair
CFT 198 Advanced Finishing & Touch-up Repair