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NEWSLETTER March-April 2013



Palomar College Upward Bound Families and Students
Hello Everyone,
This academic year is beginning to wind down and has gone quickly. Seniors are graduating and we have begun planning for our next Summer Residential Program, our one month college experience.
Next fall, we will be having a whole new program including new students that will be added to the Upward Bound family. We have decided to increase the number of participants from 55 to 65 students so even more can take advantage of all the opportunities that Upward Bound has to offer.
Although the year is ending and we can now see the end of another academic year and the beginning of a new program, we need to continue being involved, being present, and being committed to our classes, homework, tests, and to all of our commitments with Upward Bound.  As Wayne Dyer stated, “The more I give myself permission to live in the moment and enjoy it without feeling guilty...the better I feel about the quality of my work.”

To that end, please attend all events, UB Saturday sessions, and everything that UB and your school have to offer. We are here and your parents are here to help you get good grades, graduate with flying colors, and get into one of your top universities. This is our program and we are all here to help you in the process and in the transition as you begin to think of what university you will be attending. It will not
be long until you graduate high school and need to make that decision. We are her for you. Do not hesitate to call, write, email, or come in and let us know if you need help or have something on your mind.

Thank you everyone for another great year, and let’s keep those university acceptances coming in 2013 seniors.

Wise words from,
The UB Staff



March/April 2013