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Believe it or not, your four years in High School can make the biggest difference for the next 40 years of life! High School is the end of your 12 years of mandatory school and it sets the stage for your "journey into adulthood". It is also the commencement of college choices, admissions, and higher education opportunities. How you do in High School and in the Upward Bound (UB) program, especially with your grades, will determine the options you have for colleges, universities, scholarships, and other future college and career opportunities.
Now, more than ever, with colleges and universities having less funding, there is more competition for admissions acceptances and acceptances into certain majors. This means that your grades will matter most. For scholarships, the cut-offs can often begin with grades/grade point averages (GPA). "Making the grade", and improving your grades and GPA, each semester, every year, of High School/every UB component, including your Senior year, can make a big difference - for your future choices and options.

Getting better grades is about more than just the letter grade. While it is a permanent record on your transcript and High School history, which truly matters,

pict1Class of 2011-Jun Yi, Stephanie R, Violeta, Bethany, Erika, Adriana, Jessica, & Crystal


it is also a way to monitor and assess your own knowledge, skills, and abilities. While in High School, you can improve your study habits, intelligence, and many other academic and social skills, by improving your grades. When you become a better student/scholar, you gain more self-esteem and self-confidence.
Use your progress reports (working with your parents) to track your success and areas for improvement. Before you know it, you are doing better in school, step by step, day by “Get above C level". If you're ok with getting grades of C's, you can easily change that attitude and get As and Bs. Some students (and parents) often believe a C average is ok. By settling for C's, even in one class/subject, can be more about your attitude or belief. If you believe you can do better, then, where there is a will, there can be an A. And, with extra effort, and working harder and smarter, and/or getting help, you

day, and your Spring grades will be an improvement over your Fall grades. Go for the grades, because they are what matters most, and every student can improve or sustain their grades, while concurrently becoming a better scholar and person. As you know, I am rewarding UB students with As and Bs (it is no longer about getting Cs and being ok – being average; “no C average”). I am also rewarding effort. So, be sure to have a written Personal Improvement Plan for your academics, for this Spring. We will revise them this summer, for the next academic year. While money can be a motivator, I hope the words above and your own goals for a brighter future…will make a you brighter student and better scholar…today!
Best of Wishes!
Calvin One Deer Gavin