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ASL/Interpreter Training


The American Sign Language/English Interpreter Training Program at Palomar College is a two-year course of study that prepares students for employment in the interpreting profession.

The program is becoming increasingly popular due to the demand for professionals to interpret between ASL and English. Most ASL/English interpreters are able to find employment in either educational settings or as community interpreters in a variety of settings including business, social services, medical and legal. The student learning American Sign Language is learning a new language complete with vocabulary, grammatical rules and structures, and idioms.

The ASL/English interpreting program student also develops an understanding of Deaf culture, history and philosophies. The interpreter's role is to facilitate communication between an English speaking person and an ASL user.

Sign Language interpreting is an exciting and challenging profession.

Career Opportunities
Interpreter Training Programs are becoming increasingly popular due to the demand for qualified ASL/English Interpreters.
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that interpreters be available, when requested, to provide access to public events and services. As a result of the ADA, job opportunities are abundant.

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