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drawing of a globe with people and buildings on it

Crostic Puzzle for Sociologists:

Print out the Puzzle Diagram and the Definitions/Words document (both are PDFs) and then follow these instructions:

Using the definitions on the left side of the Definitions/Words document, fill in the words on the right side of the page.  Then transfer the letters from those words to the proper places in the Puzzle Diagram. For example, the first definition (definition A) says “small amount; a little bit.”  The word that fits that definition must have exactly 3 letters in it because there are 3 spaces available in the Words column. The 3-letter word that fits that definition is “tad”.  Fill in those 3 letters above the numbers to the right of the definition in the Words column. Since the “t” has the number “147” under it, pencil in the letter “t” in the Puzzle Diagram in the box numbered “147”.  Then pencil in the letter “a” in the Puzzle Diagram in the box numbered “62”. Finally, pencil in the letter “d” in the Puzzle Diagram in the box numbered “10”.  As you fill in more definitions and transfer letters to the Puzzle Diagram, you will be able to work back and forth between the Words column and the Puzzle Diagram until you have managed to fill in all of the spaces.  

Once you have completely filled in the Puzzle Diagram, read through the words on the diagram (the black boxes are spaces between words); you will be reading a quotation from the famous French sociologist Émile Durkheim. Then look at the Definitions page again; the first letter of each of the words in the Words column, reading from the top of the list to the very bottom, will spell out the name of the book from which this quotation was taken.

If you get stuck and want to see the answers, click HERE