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Sociology AA-T Degree Program Requirements

Core  (One course -- 3 units)
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology – 3 units

List A (Select 2 courses -- 6-7 units)
SOC 110 Social Problems – 3 units
SOC/PSYC 205  Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences – 3 units
PSYC 230  Research Methods in Psychology – 4 units

List B  (Select 2 courses -- 6 units)
SOC/PSYC 105 Marriage, Family, and Intimate Relationships – 3 units
PSYC 120 Social Psychology** – 3 units
SOC 135 Gender and Society – 3 units
SOC/AMS/MCS 200 Race, Class, and Ethnic Groups in America – 3 units

List C (Select 1 course -- 3 units)
SOC 115 Introduction to Women’s Studies – 3 units
SOC/PSYC 125 Human Sexuality – 3 units
SOC 130 Introduction to Sociology of Health – 3 units
SOC 165 Self and Society – 3 units

**Students enrolling at Palomar after Fall 2014 will no longer by able to take PSYC 120 as credit toward the AA-T degree. Students interested in Social Psychology should instead consider SOC 165 (Self and Society), an elective in List C.

CSU GE Breadth (39 units) or IGETC (37 units)

Electives (2-5 units)

Degree Total -- 60 units minimum

See the current Palomar College Class Schedule for a listing of the courses you can pick from for the CSU GE (California State University General Education) requirements and for the IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) requirements. Consult a college counselor for more information on which courses would work best for you.