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Find a "Self-Paced" Class at Palomar College

Our most flexible enrollment option.

"Self-Paced", or "Open Entry", classes allow you to enroll at any time up until a designated date.  Your hours of attendance are arranged with the instructor to meet unit requirements.

The following courses may be offered as Self-Paced Open Entry/Open-Exit classes.  For more details refer to the on-line class search for classes now being offered!

COUN 45 Basic Study Skills      
COUN 48 Overcoming Test Anxiety      
COUN 165 Career Search    
COUN 170 Major Search      
KINE 128A Wellness Modalities - Cardio
KINE 128B Wellness Modalities - Muscular      
KINE 128C Wellness Modalities - Functional      
KINE 128D Wellness Modalities - Periodization      
KINE 204A Off Season Sports Conditioning      
KINE 205A In Season Sports Conditioning      
TA 192A Technical Theatre Practicum