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Find a "Self-Paced" Class at Palomar College

Our most flexible enrollment option.

"Self-Paced", or "Open Entry", classes allow you to enroll at any time up until a designated date.  Your hours of attendance are arranged with the instructor to meet unit requirements.

The following courses may be offered as Self-Paced Open Entry/Open-Exit classes.  For more details refer to the on-line class search for classes now being offered!

COUN 45 Basic Study Skills   READ 30 Fundamental Reading Skills
COUN 48 Overcoming Test Anxiety      
COUN 165 Career Search TA 192A Technical Theatre Practicum
COUN 170 Major Search      
KINE 128A Wellness Modalities - Cardio
KINE 128B Wellness Modalities - Muscular      
KINE 128C Wellness Modalities - Functional      
KINE 128D Wellness Modalities - Periodization      
KINE 204A Off Season Sports Conditioning      
KINE 205A In Season Sports Conditioning