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Palomar's Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Learning for Success

Our Mission

Palomar College is an educational leader committed to quality learning. We provide our community the knowledge, information, skills, and aesthetic appreciation necessary to live responsibly, effectively, and creatively in an interdependent and changing world.

Our Values

Palomar College is a learning community dedicated to achieving student success and cultivating a love of learning. We strive to improve performance and outcomes based on evidence. To provide the highest quality learning and cultural experiences, we are guided by our core values of

  • Achieving excellence in teaching, learning, and service;

  • Fostering integrity as the foundation for all we do;

  • Providing access to our programs and services;

  • Ensuring equity and fair treatment in all policies, processes, and procedures;

  • Celebrating diversity in people, philosophies, cultures, beliefs, programs, and learning environments;

  • Supporting inclusiveness of individual and community viewpoints in collaborative decision-making processes;

  • Promoting mutual respect and trust through open communication and actions;

  • Supporting innovation to enhance and enrich learning environments and services.


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