Palomar College Police Academy

Written & Physical Agility Exams

Applicants who have submitted complete applications with the appropriate documents will be invited to participate in the written and physical agility exams.

For the Physical Agility Test* (PAT), applicants will need to wear appropriate attire (i.e. running shoes, sweat pants or shorts, shirt, water bottle) for the physical exam activities. The physical agility test will consist of:

The written exam will consist of an essay examination. The topic will be revealed at the time of the exam. Essays are graded on grammar, syntax, spelling, content, flow, and how well applicants follow instructions. Applicants will have 90 (ninety) minutes to complete the essay.

There will be practice sessions available for applicants to practice for the Physical Agility Test.  Applicants that have never completed this testing are encouraged to attend the practice sessions.   Click here for the practice session dates.

* Note: The Palomar College Police Academy, its staff, agents, officers, and/or appointees, shall not be responsible in any manner for accidents and/or injury to applicants in the course of the physical agility exam. Applicants are encouraged to assess their own capabilities and endurance prior to the commencement of any strenuous physical activity associated with the exam.  

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