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The costs and fees associated with the Palomar College Police Academy are distributed according to the respective block of instruction. The information available on this page is for reference only. Due to changes in the availability of service(s), product(s), and other non-specific & expendable items, the Palomar College Police Academy cannot guarantee the accuracy of the cost data listed here. The Palomar College Police Academy is not responsible for changes to published, unpublished, and/or distributed materials associated with academy activities. All tuition prices are based on $46.00 per unit for in-state residents. Tuition prices are higher for out-of-state residents. Current active duty military and non-active or retired U.S. armed forces veterans should contact the Palomar College Veterans Services Office for specific information on GI Bill, tuition assistance and other veteran support programs. 

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**Note: All fees are approximate and are subject to change.  Fees are due prior to the start of each block.  Further details and specific dates will be provided to recruits accepted into the Police Academy program.

Block I



Materials Fee (click for more info) $570.00
Tuition (20.0 units @ $46/unit) $920.00 *
Health/Accident Fee $19.00
Parking Permit $40.00
Student Center Fee ($1/unit up to $10/yr) $10.00
Department of Justice Firearms Clearance $75.00 (approximate cost)
Palomar College Identification Card $15.00
Uniforms (minimum - cost will vary) $650.00 (click here for details)
P/T Gear (minimum - cost will vary) $250.00
Block I Total Due: $2,534.00

*Veterans using the GI Bill should contact the Veteran's Services office for specific information regarding benefits.  Recruits are responsible for all fees upon the due date. 

Block II 
Description Amount
Tuition (18.5 units @ $46/unit) $851.00
Health/Accident Fee $16.00
Parking Permit $40.00
Block II Total Due:



Block III
Description Amount
Tuition (19.0 units @ $46/unit) $874.00
Health/Accident Fee $19.00
Parking Permit $40.00
EVOC Fee* $1000.00
Block III Total Due: $1,933.00

 *The Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) fee will be due on the first day of instruction for that course, which is approximately 1-2 months after the start of Block III. State regulations recently changed to increase the number of required hours, which increased the cost of the course. 

Approximate Total Academy Cost





Total Blocks I,II,III


*NOTE: Students should plan for extra incidental costs such as transportation expenses, school supplies, uniform/gear maintenance, dry cleaning, and the like.

Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.  Contact the Financial Aid Office for additional information at 760-744-1150 ext 2366.


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