Preliminary Design Plans for the New Palomar College Planetarium
  Planetarium Exterior Renderings  
  A rendering showing the planetarium situated between the Natural Science building (on the left) and the Library (right).    A view of the new planetarium rendered from the perspective of the neighboring Natural Science building.   A rendering of the front of the planetarium.  Note:  some of the walls are rendered transparent showing the internal structures.   
  A foot print of the new planetarium and the surrounding areas.   
  Planetarium Interior Renderings and Details  
  The main lobby (looking towards the front doors).   The lobby (looking towards the hallway leading to offices and the theater entrance).   A view of the planetarium theater showing a few transparent walls to reveal the layout of the theater.  
  A 3-D rendering of what it looks like at the entrance to the theater.    A blueprint of the entire building with labels showing various points of interest.   The recording studio inside of the new planetarium.  Many shows will be produced in-house.  
The plans showing how complex the steel skeletal structure will be.   The floor plan of the planetarium theater. 

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