Video License Fees

The Palomar College video license includes rights to present the course on broadcast or cablecast television, secure Internet or company server, in classrooms, learning centers, or to provide course DVD materials to students for home study. Course license also allows digitization of videos and duplication for student resource centers, or you may pay $100 for Windows Media streaming files.

The extensive rights Palomar grants in its distance learning license provide institutions greater flexibility for course implementation and student access. Our videos may be licensed for use in traditional classes, telecourses, teleweb classes, or streamed for online use.

License Fees

One Term Two Terms One Year Two Years
(Plus $15 per enrolled student
(Plus $15 per enrolled student)
(Plus $15 per enrolled student)
(Plus $15 per enrolled student)

Streaming files are available for a one-time fee of $100 for the term of the license. Files are available on DVD format.

Videotape and DVD masters may be used for retransmission, streaming, and duplication. View Master DVD, & Videotape Fees

DVD student sets are also available for purchase by licensed institutions for distribution to students for $20 per set. View DVD Order Form

For consortia pricing please contact

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