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cccsatPalomar College Educational Television (PCTV) provides to faculty, staff, students and community members satellite services. Satellite service is the ability to receive any type of video programming that is distributed nationally to viewers requiring a satellite receive antenna. The video program can be entertainment, instructional training or general education. Satellite downlink service allows you to receive at Palomar College any non-encrypted LIVE interactive or prerecorded satellite teleconference or video program feed. PCTV can downlink video programming from an analog C or Ku-Band signal, or authorized digital digicipher II satellite signal.

You can request for us to receive the satellite video program and have us do one or more activities for you:

  1. You can request the program be received and recorded. We will then mail the video to you via campus mail or U.S. Postal Service. You can then watch the video at a more convenient time for you, staff or students.
  2. You can request the program be received and viewed in a room during the time of broadcast. PCTV can assist you in scheduling a room. During the time of broadcast you and an audience can participate by telephone, fax, or by e-mailing the speaker and panelists of a LIVE interactive program. The program can also be video recorded during the time of broadcast.
  3. You can request the program be received and also ask for the program to be redistributed (Uplinked) to other community colleges. PCTV can assist you with a special service request. Faculty, staff and students across the state could then watch and share their knowledge and experiences in the program topic
  4. You can request the program be received and recorded for later broadcast on the PCTV channel. PCTV is seen in North San Diego on Cox cable and Time Warner cable television services.
  5. (A nominal fee may apply for video recordings and postage.)

PCTV satellite services is scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis. Please provide PCTV as much advance notice as possible and contact us before registering or paying any fees. You will need to provide PCTV a copy of the program or teleconference registration confirmation, license, and satellite coordinates for all downlink service requests. You or your Department are responsible for paying any registration or licensing fees for accessing the program.

To place a request, fill-out and submit our on-line reservation form. Our staff will follow-up on your request and in a short time contact you by phone or e-mail. If you have any questions, please fell free to contact us (760) 744-1150 ext. 2431.