ART 100 Introduction to Art

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Catalog Description:

Promotes an understanding and appreciation of art through slide-lectures, discussion, and museum visits. For non-art majors. CSU; UC


Kilman, T.

Class Meetings:

On the following Saturdays: Jan. 29; Feb. 12, 26; Mar. 12; Apr. 2, 16
Room: P-32

Options for Viewing Video Lectures
  1. Cable Television: Cox Cable North Ch.16, Time Warner Cable North Ch.16, and AT&T U-verse Ch.99 See airtimes and specific channel info at: ART 100 PDF (Right Click "Save as")
  2. Webcast online at:
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  4. Check out DVDs from the libraries on the San Marcos main campus and the Escondido Education Center.
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Class Outline

Course materials are available the Friday prior to when classes begin. Access your course outline, assignments, handouts and announcements, as well as view video lessons in Blackboard. Log in Blackboard instructions:

PASSWORD: Palomar eServices Password

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Textbook and Other Required Materials:

ART: Context & Criticism, 2nd Edition, Kissick, Publisher McGraw Hill

Video Lesson Descriptions:
  1. Directions of Art
  2. The Beginnings
  3. The Oldest Culture
  4. Classic Ideals
  5. The Proportion of Beauty
  6. The Roman Summers
  7. Byzantine Mind
  8. The Light of Islam
  9. Many Faces of Buddha
  10. The Asian View
  11. Views of God
  12. Rebirth of Man
  13. Light and Dark
  14. The Source of Light
  15. Revolution
  16. Social Concerns
  17. Enter Modern Art
  18. A Brilliant Light
  19. Individuality Enters
  20. Insight: America
  21. Shape and Form
  22. Emotions and Color
  23. The Multi-Dimensional Artist
  24. The Artist: Social Change
  25. Student Insights
  26. The Artist in Culture
  27. The Community, the Consultant: Public Art-Part 1
  28. The Community, the Consultant: Public Art-Part 2
  29. The College Gallery
  30. The End of the Beginning

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