General Information

Absence Reports

Absence Reports for the previous month are included in pay envelopes. These Reports are due in Payroll Services the first day of the next month. Absence Reports are used to report hours not worked, such as sick, personal necessity (include reason), vacation, compensatory time, bereavement leave (relationship and State), jury duty, industrial accident, off salary time and any other absences. Other absences would include any time off with no pay or critical illness of immediate family member. All Absence Reports must be signed by the employee and their supervisor.

Request for Duplicate W-2

1. Fill out and sign "Request for Duplicate Form W-2" available online or in the Payroll Office.
2. Submit to Payroll Services for processing.
3. Allow Payroll personnel a minimum of 2 business days to process your request.


Request for Re-issue of Lost, Never Received, or Stolen Check

1. Employee signs and dates "Affidavit to Obtain Duplicate of Lost or Destroyed Warrant" available in Payroll Services.
2. Check will be re-issued once approval has been received from the County Treasurer's Department; this can take up to 10 business days.
3. Once check is re-issued, employee is contacted; check may be picked up or mailed.


Request for Special Off-Cycle Check

1. Request must come from employee's supervisor via email stating reason for request, i.e., time report was lost, forgot to turn, etc.
2. Time Report for student or Temporary employees must be submitted for processing, and a minimum of 2 business days allowed to complete request.
3. Check may be picked up or mailed.


Understanding 'Leave Accruals'

All balances are calendar year-to-date.

Sick Leave and Personal Necessity (PN) entitlements are advanced at the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1st). When Personal Necessity is used, so is full pay Sick Leave.  Personal Necessity is not in addition to Sick Leave or vice a versa, they are integrated; therefore, once Sick Leave at full pay is exhausted so is Personal Necessity.

Vacation and Compensatory Time off (C.T.) is posted on a monthly basis as earned.

Full time faculty members who also teach overload accrue sick leave on their overload assignments and this is reflected as 'hours' on their 20th of the month pay stubs. Please be advised that full time sick days and overload hours cannot be intermingled.

For specific information on how leave accruals are calculated, please refer to your Employee Agreement/Handbook located at