Links for the Oceanography Lab Ocean Waves Exercise (8th Edition):


Part I:  Measuring Waves from Space

n  Question #1: Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) "Ocean Surface Topography From Space."

n  Question #2:  Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) "JPL Ocean Surface Topography from Space--Missions."

n  Question #3:  JPL TOPEX/Poseidon On-line Tutorial.

n  Question #4:  NOAA WaveWatch III operational wave model.    or


Part II:  Interpreting Regional Swell Paterns from Buoy Data

n  Question #5:  National Buoy Data Center’s Hawaiian Islands Recent Marine Data

n  Southern California Swell Climate Questions 1-6:  Southwest USA Recent Marine Data.

Part III:  CDIP Swll Models in the Southern California Bight

n  Question #5:   Cortes Bank 2009

n  Question #7:  Refracting Tsunami. NOAA animation of a tsunami refracting around a headland and into a bay.

Part IV:  Current CDIP Swell Models

n  Question #1:  The Coastal Data Information Program