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n  Part I:  Equatorial Pacific TAO Means and Anomalies

The TAO Story (Animation requires Adobe Flash Player):
(Duration of three minutes).


Figure 6October 22, 2008 TAO image


Figures 7 and 8—November 1997 and November 1998 TAO images


TAO/TRITON Most Recent Data:



n  Part II: Ocean Surface Topography From Space – Equatorial Pacific

Figure 9—JPL Ocean Surface Topography—November 1997


Figure 10—JPL Ocean Surface Topography—November 1998


JPL El Niņo/La Niņa Watch Most Recent Image:



n  Part III: CoastWatch Images of the West Coast of North America


Figure 11—CoastWatch—November 1997


Figure 12—CoastWatch—November 1998

CoastWatch Most Recent Image:



n  Part IV: Records of ENSO ― The Southern Oscillation Index (SOI)

Figure 13—SOI 1950–2008 for air pressure gradients between Darwin, Australia and Tahiti, French Polynesia.


n  Part V: Impacts of ENSO

Figure 14—U.S. Precipitation Anomalies


Table 1 and Figure 15—Influence of El Niņo on Hurricane Formation


Goddard Space Flight Center Conceptual Image Lab:
(Select the MPEG-1 animation; duration 19 seconds)


NASA Scientific Visualization Studio:


Figure 16—Pacific sardine spawning


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