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General Matriculation Procedures
Matriculation Rights and Responsibilities

Matriculation is a process which assists you in choosing, planning, and achieving your educational and career goals. It is Palomar's way of supporting your right to succeed in college. Matriculation is a partnership between you and Palomar.

Palomar College agrees to:

  • Evaluate your English, math and reading skills 

  • Help you register for appropriate classes

  • Provide you with an orientation and information on services available, and possible majors and/or careers

  • Provide access to counselors and instruction

You agree to:

  • Decide upon your major and goal

  • Attend an orientation and assessment session

  • Work with us to develop an educational plan by the time you have completed 15 units

  • Attend and complete courses to make the best use of the time you spend at Palomar

Prior to registration, all non-exempt students must complete the following steps that apply:

  • Fill out an application for admission (see the class schedule)

  • Send in all transcripts or previous assessment scores and request an evaluation for equivalency

  • Sign up for and attend an assessment and orientation session with a counselor for the proper selection of courses

New, returning, or transfer students who may be exempted from the matriculation process are students who:

  • Already have an associate's or bachelor's degree

  • Are attending Palomar for personal enrichment

  • Are enrolled only in non-credit community education courses

  • Are taking classes only to upgrade job skills

  • Are enrolled in apprenticeship or other special vocational education programs

  • Are concurrently enrolled in another college or university

Exempt students are not required to participate in the matriculation process but are encouraged to see a counselor at any time.

The college may suspend or terminate services to any student who fails to fulfill his/her responsibilities. However, the college may never suspend or terminate any service for which a student is otherwise entitled under any other provision of law. In addition, students may challenge any matriculation requirement or regulation using the petition process.

Enrollment restriction:

Many courses and education programs of study have enrollment conditions such as prerequisites, corequisites or advisories on recommended preparation. These faculty approved conditions are considered necessary and appropriate to ensure that you are adequately prepared to succeed in the course or education program. It is your responsibility to meet any and all enrollment conditions.

Advisory on Recommended Preparation

Recommended preparation is a condition of enrollment that you are advised, but not required, to meet before or in conjunction with enrollment in a course or education program. If you believe that you have satisfied the advisory by means other than the stated advisory, please consult with the appropriate department to determine your readiness to enroll in the course or educational Program.

Other Limits on Enrollment

Enrollment in certain courses or educational programs of study may require try-outs, auditions or may be limited by health and safety considerations, facility limitations, faculty workload, the availability of qualified instructors, funding limitations or legal requirements imposed by statutes, regulations or contracts. All such limitations are in conformity with the provisions of Title 5, Section 58106, California Community College Board of Governors.


A prerequisite is a condition of enrollment that you are required to meet in order to demonstrate current readiness in a course or education program. You may be required to show proof of meeting the prerequisite. Failure to meet the stated prerequisite may result in being administratively dropped from the course.


A corequisite is a condition of enrollment consisting of a course that you are required to simultaneously take in order to enroll in another course. Failure to enroll in the stated corequisite will result in being administratively dropped from the course.

You may not be permitted to enroll in a class for which you cannot demonstrate that you have met the prerequisite or are enrolled in the corequisite. If it is determined after a course begins that you have not met the prerequisite, you may be dropped from the course.

If you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite course at Palomar College, and it is assumed that you will pass the course with a C or better, you will be permitted to enroll in the next level course. If you do not successfully pass the course (D, F, NC, I., or W), you will be dropped from the class.

Challenging a Prerequisite

You have the right to challenge any prerequisite.

A prerequisite or corequisite challenge requires written documentation, explanation of alternative course work, background, abilities, or other evidence showing adequate preparation for the target course. A Prerequisite or Corequisite Challenge Petition can be obtained from the Admissions/Records Office, in the Counseling Center, or at an Education Center office. Reasons for seeking a Prerequisite and Corequisite Challenge Petition may include one or more of the following:

(1) A prerequisite or corequisite has not been made reasonably available.

(2) A prerequisite or corequisite has not been established in accordance with the district's process for establishing prerequisites and corequisites.

(3) A student can provide evidence of having the knowledge or ability needed to succeed in the course despite not meeting the prerequisite or corequisite

(4) A student may challenge other limitations on enrollment

(5) A student may challenge a prerequisite or corequisite established to protect the health and safety of himself, herself, and/or others.

(6) A prerequisite, corequisite or limitation on enrollment is discriminatory or applied in a discriminatory manner.

(7) A prerequisite or corequisite is in violation of Title 5.

If space is available in the target course when a student files a challenge to the prerequisite or corequisite, the College shall reserve a seat for the student and resolve the challenge within five working days. If the challenge is upheld or the College fails to resolve the challenge within the five working day period, the student shall be allowed to enroll in the course. If no space is available in the course when a challenge is filed, the challenge shall be resolved prior to the beginning of registration for the next term and, if the challenge is upheld, the student shall be permitted to enroll if space is available when the student registers for that subsequent term.

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