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National Library Week & School Library Media Month 
A Select Bibliography of Resources from Palomar College Library


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National Library Week

Libraries: Local, State, National, International, Organizations, Services, and Resources

Library Research (Guides and Tools)

Library of Congress

Presidential Libraries

Action Figure Librarian, Miss Pearl

Unshelved (Library Comics)


The books listed below may be found at Palomar College Library. For location and additional information about each title, click the blue hyperlink. Search our catalog for additional books.

Z679.2 .U54 B74 1997
Breisch, Kenneth A. Henry Hobson Richardson and the Small Public Library in America: A Study in Typology . Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1997. 

Z679 .M22 1997
Mason, Ellsworth. Mason on Library Buildings.  Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1997.                                                              .

Z679 .L37 2003
Laubier, Guillaume de. The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World. Trans. Laurel Hirsch. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2003.

Z711.2 .S59 2006 
Smith, Susan Sharpless. Web-based Instruction: A Guide for Libraries. Chicago: American Library Association, 2006.


The full-text of the following articles may be found by clicking on the blue hyperlink.  Find additional articles in other online databases.  Passwords are required for off-campus access to these databases.

Berry, John N. III. "The Vanishing Librarians." Library Journal Vol. 133, Issue 3: 10 (AN 29972442)

Eisenberg, Michael B. "Three Roles for the 21st-Century Teacher-Librarian." CSLA Journal Spring 2006, Vol. 29, Issue 2: 21-23 (AN 22066140) <EBSCOHost Academic Search Premier>

Fialkoff, Francine. "The Image Thing." Library Journal 2/15/2007, Vol. 32, Issue 3: 8 (AN 0363-0277) <EBSCOHost Academic Search Premier>

Goldsborough, Reid. "The Brave New World of Book Research." Teacher Librarian Feb. 2006: 49 (AN 19832373) <EBSCOHost Academic Search Premier>

Hoffert, Barbara. "It's the Economy." Library Journal 2/15/2009, Vol. 134, Issue 3, 34-36

Sherman, Will. "Are librarians totally obsolete? 33 Reasons Why Libraries and Librarians are Still Extremely Important." Teacher Librarian Oct. 2007, Vol. 35, Issue 1: 21-27 (AN 27485716)

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