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Request Form

Please use this form to schedule your consultation with a librarian or to request a library instruction session for your class.  You can also request both using this single form.

 Confirmation will be made by email within 3 days of receipt of this form.  If you have not heard from us within 3 days, please contact April Cunningham, the Instruction/Information Literacy Librarian, at  

Request a Librarian Consultation (PD Self Designed Activity Code 135: Develop assignment to integrate information competency)

What would you like to focus on during the consultation?

Revise or create a resource-based assignment.
Prepare to teach your own class about library research.
Something else. (The librarian will contact you about your interest.)

Your contact information:

Name  Course Title & Number:

Email  or Phone

Request an Instruction Session

All requests require at least one week advance notice.

Your course information:


Course Title & Number: Section No.:

Number of students:

Instruction Session Location (select one):

San Marcos Library,   Escondido Center Library, or  Your own classroom, #

Please view the Instruction Calendars to see if the library instruction rooms at San Marcos or the Escondido Center are available:

First choice date:

Second choice date:

Session arrival time:

Session end time:

Tell Us What You and Your Students Need from this Instruction Session

Students' Research Progress:

As far as you know right now, when you bring your students to the library for this session, which of the following statements will best describe their stage in the research process:

They recently got the assignment.
They have started exploring their topic.
They are refining/concluding their research.

My students won't be working on a research assignment when they come into the library.

My students' projects are due on:

Learning Outcomes/Activities:

Please select the modules that you feel are most appropriate for your requested library instruction session. We will also accommodate other learning outcomes, topics or resources, so please write those below.

Review assignment requirements to make a research plan (10 minutes)
Find background information in reference sources (15 minutes)
Find books at Palomar & other local libraries (15 minutes)
Find magazine and newspaper articles using library databases (15 minutes)
Find original research in scholarly articles using library databases (15 minutes)
Distinguish between scholarly and non-scholarly articles (15 minutes)
Evaluate web sites for credibility (20 minutes)
Define plagiarism and how to avoid It (15 minutes)
Cite sources using a style guide - demonstration only (15 minutes)  MLA   APA   Other (please specify below)
Cite sources using EasyBib - demonstration only (15 minutes)  MLA   APA   Other (please specify)
Cite sources using EasyBib - hands-on (30 minutes)  MLA   APA   Other (please specify below)
Tour the Library (30 minutes)
Library Assignment (usually used by counseling and reading classes) - Exploration (San Marcos) (30 minutes) Exploration (Escondido Center) (30 minutes)

Other learning outcomes:

Please provide detailed information about the students' research assignment in the box below, or send the assignment or course syllabus to April Cunningham at

You can also reach April Cunningham at (760) 744-1150 ext. 3696.  If you'd like to talk to a librarian when April is not available, please call the Reference Desk at (760) 744-1150 ext. 2612.

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