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Remembering Iceland

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"Remembering Iceland" contains souvenirs and books from Mary Russell's two year sojourn in Iceland. On display are samples of Icelandic woolen goods, volcanic rocks, and folk art, as well as books and periodicals from the Palomar College library collection.

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Extraordinary Christmas Ornaments

These lovely ornaments were created by Margie Murl Corzine, Bonnie B. Corzine, Donna Prendergast and Pixie. Materials include old jewelry, beads, cords, findings, pearl top pins, paint, ribbon, fancy trim, sequins, wire, pearls.

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Snowbabies and Paintings

Diane Dellner brought in part of her Snowbaby collection to share with us. Notice the mini-Snowbabies on the bottom shelf.

She is also the artist of the lovely winter snow scenes.

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Angel Ornaments

These Christmas tree angel ornaments are just a few from the collection of Glenna Mitchell. She began collecting them 24 years ago for her daughter, but soon bought or received an angel for herself, as well as her daughter.

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Christmas Village

Peggy Nimmo has been collecting her Christmas Village pieces for 5 years. it includes 18 buildings, 100 trees, and over 100 people, animals and accessories such as street lamps, fences, bridge, and mailboxes. When displayed in her home the buildings, street lamps and gazebo are lighted.

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Last winter Peggy was excited to find a farmhouse that looks like the one her mother grew up in - it is a two-story white house with a green roof and a covered porch.

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Peggy's other favorite piece is the gazebo in the park, which has a band playing in it.
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If you get a chance to see the Christmas Village in person, see if you can find the deer drinking from the stream near the bootlegger's log cabin and the Christmas tree lot. How about the people selling bread, poinsettias and candy canes at the train station? Can you find the kids building a snowman in the park by the skating pond? And the boys playing by their fort (no girls allowed!) There are carolers singing at the mayor's  house on the hill, while the farm family is hard at work feeding their animals and milking the cow. The city police are busy keeping everyone safe from the children just getting out of school who like to throw snowballs, while the mailman delivers holiday greetings to the people on his route.


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