Annual Woodworking Display

Palomar College
Cabinet & Furniture Technology
September 2002

The furniture was created by students in the program. Many were exhibited at the Del Mar Fair in 2002. Every year the CFT program wins many awards in the Woodworking Exhibit. 
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Setting up
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Display Pieces  
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Shirley Stegmuller

Top of Bookcase
Ellie Sesler

Charles Stegmuller

Joe Flynn

Philip Douglas

Ray Brooks

Paul Fennell

Dennis Strand

Farrest Loper

Jerry Beaudry

Robynne Hanus

Ellie Sesler

Rod Wolfe

Sue Hall

Joe Flynn

Greg Wease

Barry Gruer

Alfred Vietri

Tom Woodbury

J. Clark Brockway

Ellie Sesler

Joan Johnson

Roy Wurth

Molly Marie Parks

Linda Sanders

Roy Wurth

Martin Frincke

Curtis Chism

Wilson Gilinsky 

David Nunley

Click on the pictures below to look at previous woodworking displays!

wood6.jpg (10681 bytes)
whole1.jpg (59139 bytes)



mahogany table-91.jpg (38270 bytes)



Cabinet/Furniture Technology Program
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