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Exhibition by Alexis Ciurczak and José Rangel

Display layout in the Palomar College Library.

This exhibit is on display at Palomar College Library from October 16 through November 14, 2001. It focuses on the Mexican celebration of  Día de Los Muertos or The Day of the Dead which occurs November 2 and the preceding evening of  November 1. Similar to All Saint's Day and All Soul's Day in the Catholic calendar, the Day of the Dead is a time when Mexicans visit the graves of their relatives, cleaning and arranging fresh flowers and perhaps repainting the headstones.

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The display creators.

Alexis Ciurczak

José Rangel

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Papier maché puppet (titere) after Posada's "La Catrina," made by Alexis Ciurczak.


Clay church and books.


One of many paper maché toys.

Wooden Box Paintings

Wooden Box Paintings by

John Parra


The Ofrenda or altar is an important component of this celebration.


Mini-Mariachis Close-Up.


Festival Poster

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Mexican prints by José Guadalupe Posada.

Click on the following thumbnail pictures to see details from the display:

Intricate papel picado,


 cut paper design, on notepaper.

Made by Margarita Fick.
"Day of the Dead" card game.

A book and miniatures come in the box.

"Shooting Pool" miniatures; note the skeleton head balls!

Alfenique (sugar sculpture) from San Miguel de Allende
Guanajuato, Mexico

The "Drinking Skeleton" is a popular figure.


Vase with flowers typical of grave decoration.

Sugar Masks.

Straw Horses.

Calaveras - sugar skulls.


Our library has many books about The Day of the Dead.

  Mexican toys--coffins and skeletons are popular.

Books by artist Posada.

Fan and other items.


Students like Miriam Rios enjoy the display, especially all the tiny details.


Day of the Dead display at Ernest J Allen Library in Escondido. The two skulls honor
Esther Nesbin Altman and Ernest J. Allen.

For more close-ups of the display, such as Virgin de Guadalupe, Mexican miniatures, and intricate "papel" designs, go to the 1999 Day of the Dead web page or 2000 Day of  Dead web page.

Go to the El Día de los Muertos webpage. This is a permanent Web site which explores this very unique Mexican tradition and includes an extensive bibliography as well as numerous links to other Internet resources on the subject.

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