El Día de los Muertos

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by Spanish 202 & 102 students

                               Fall, 2007 Von Son, instructor






Carlos vonSon, Spanish 202 Instructor

Martha Velasco, Spanish 102 Instructor

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This exhibit is on display at Palomar College Library from October 18 through November 15, 2007. It focuses on the Mexican celebration of  Día de Los Muertos or The Day of the Dead which occurs November 2 and the preceding evening of  November 1. Similar to All Saint's Day and All Soul's Day in the Catholic calendar, the Day of the Dead is a time when Mexicans visit the graves of their relatives, cleaning and arranging fresh flowers and perhaps repainting the headstones.


Students chose famous painters as the focus of this year's display.  The tall cases and several tables were decorated in the main display area of the library. 
In addition, the wall case in the lobby, the glass panels and the table near the elevator were used as display areas. 
Special areas have been set aside for faculty, students and staff to include pictures and mementos of their loved ones.


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