So long!Retirement PartyGood-Bye!
May 10, 2003
Dan Arnsan, Lei Ayala, Bonnie Corzine, 
for their 87
(combined total)
years of service!

Beautiful cake table

HonoreesWe'll miss you!

Dan Arnsan

Lei Ayala

Bonnie Corzine

Dan and Barbara Arnsan opened their lovely home for the event.

Barbara Arnsan next to her favorite piece of pottery. (We were allowed to visit her studio next to the house.)

Dan's hobby--models. The train room was too dark for a good picture.

The Food

Alexis Ciurzcak and Jose Rangel served as the
catering team par excellent!

The Music

Jay Alperson with his band provided wonderful music.

Come back and visit us!

Guests Arriving

George Mozes, Katherine Gannett, Miriam Mozes, Chester Gannett

Ryan,  Lanni, Heidi, Cindi, Brendan, Dave

Some snapshots
Click for enlarged picture.

Tami (with Jacquie) and Jennifer.

A group on the patio: notice the papel picado decorations!

Barbara, Toni, Gene, Meredith, Jerry

Former retirees Mac and Gene.

Chris with hubby Steve.

Lei with her son Guy, daughter-in-law Lupita and cute granddaughter Alexandra (the dancer).

A group from the library.

Jean, Cynthia, Joan, Suzanna

Judith, Delaine, Judy

A group enjoying food and conversation.

Barbara and Shirley

We all love a baby!
David, P.J., Mihail, Tami and Jacquie

Thumbprints are dark, but once you open them the picture is better!

Bonnie received a gift certificate from a stained glass supply store.

Lei received a gift certificate for Barnes & Noble.

Dan received toy soldiers for his dioramas.

You made a difference in many lives!    Thank you.

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