Baskets Around the World

From the collections of Library Staff & Friends

Holidays | Ethnic | Collectibles

This Longaberger purse has been painted by local artist, Merle Avery.

Palomar College Library has a holiday collection of videotapes suitable for children. What is YOUR favorite holiday?

Three cases show the diversity of basket weaving from all over the world.

Top shelf: Maine Indians;
Middle shelf: various
Bottom shelf: Mexico

Jane Johnson 's Southeast Asia and African basket collection. 

Maine Indians: collected by Mary Russell

New Mexico: from the varied collection of Katherine Gannett

Special Collections

Most of the Longaberger (brand) baskets are from the collection of Susie Lienhard.

Baskets signed by Longaberger family members are more valuable. These are special Collector Club baskets.

Baskets are signed by the weaver. 

Susie Lienhard, collector, decorated this purse.

 Longaberger baskets are all woven by hand.They come in all shapes and sizes. Their company headquarters in Ohio is a multi-storied basket, complete with handles! Click here to see: Longaberger Baskets.

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