Happy Birthday, Jacquie

Our library baby was One Year Old on January 2nd and her mama, Tamara, brought a cake to celebrate!



 P.J. and Katherine were included in the celebration. PJ's birthday is also January 2, and Katherine's birthday is January 6, the day of the party.


Birthday girls: Katherine is holding Jacquie while P.J. is trying to tempt her.

Ooh, that's good!


Click on thumbnails for larger picture.

Look! I'm walking!

Meredith, Jane, and Bob with Jacquie

Cindi, Katherine, Jennifer

Marjo and Carolyn

Birthday girls Katherine and Jacquie

Cindi showing Jacquie a  book, but Jacquie likes the paper best.

All 3 birthday girls--would you like some cake?

With a mouth full of cake, Jacquie inspects one of her gifts.


Thank you, Tamara, for bringing us Jacquie and the party!


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